1. Nurturing Minds: A creative Mental Health, Postpartum Depression, and Anti-Racism Workshop at Bethlem Royal Hospital.

    2023-06-21 09:27:57 UTC
    In a world where mental health challenges, postpartum depression, and systemic racism continue to affect countless lives, creating safe spaces for dialogue, support, and healing is essential. Recently, I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop at the renowned Bethlem Royal Hospital, part of the NHS Trust (June 19…

  2. The fear of starting something new

    2022-06-29 16:08:00 UTC
    Perhaps if we did that thing? Will our lives be better?  Doing something new can be confusing and exciting, but we forget to live a little or enjoy the process when we focus on the end goal. Yes! Change is scary, and most of the time, we fear starting something…

  3. How to find your direction in life.

    2022-06-29 15:57:00 UTC
    ‘In my online diary, I will share everything I love, the process behind my work,  personal stories, how-to’s, encouragements, art, and photography. I hope you find inspiration here and know you are not alone.’ Yay!! I finally have my website published. Having a website that fits the Dola Posh brand…

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