The fear of starting something new

Perhaps if we did that thing? Will our lives be better? 

Doing something new can be confusing and exciting, but we forget to live a little or enjoy the process when we focus on the end goal. Yes! Change is scary, and most of the time, we fear starting something new. We tell ourselves so many reasons not to start.

We say things like I’m not experienced enough, I’ll start tomorrow, oh no, let me try something else, compare ourselves to others. Ugh, I don’t have that gear; let me wait. We always have a reason to believe we can’t 

So why not try, then?

What’s the most specific point we can start with today? To begin? To do it? What’s the tiniest step we can take today? 

A guide to starting something new

Write down your ideas and goals 

Write actionable steps to get closer to the goals

Could you do it?

I know it’s not this simple, but doing the actual work is how we eventually start. 

Perks of starting from the beginning 

1. You become a new person, i.e. an artist or a creator 

2. You automatically find yourself experimenting 

3. You don’t have expectations; this forces you not to

4. Predictions are super low. This is also good for your health

5. You eventually start caring for yourself, your time, and your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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