How to find your direction in life.

‘In my online diary, I will share everything I love, the process behind my work,  personal stories, how-to’s, encouragements, art, and photography. I hope you find inspiration here and know you are not alone.’

Yay!! I finally have my website published. Having a website that fits the Dola Posh brand has been a dream, and I am so happy to have it finally. It feels like the day I bought my first camera! 

It has been a journey, and why my website took so long is because I was in a battle with the direction I wanted to bring in Life. After I relocated to the UK 3 years ago, I was conflicted about how things would work out and whether being a photographer would be life-fulfilling or enough; it was just a constant mind battle. 


But I knew I had to choose for myself, my mental health, and my family (my husband and child). 

I asked myself several questions, like what will I love to do? What’s that constant thing on my mind every single day? Why am I not making things I love? Why am I obsessively planning? Why am I afraid to hold my camera again? Then it dawned on me I was scared of failing and was worried about what people thought of me or who I was.

How can we move on in Life when we are constantly seeking the approval of others? It just doesn’t make sense; deep down in my heart, I knew I had to be on this hill alone; I knew I had to figure things out; I already had the answers to my questions and needed to start work.


In my online diary, I will share everything I love, the process behind my work,  personal stories, how-to’s, encouragements, art, and photography. I hope you find inspiration here and know that you are not alone. “We all know how lonely the creative life can be.”

Anyway! Back to our main topic! Haha! I could improve at blogging! Here are the steps I made to find my direction.

How to find your direction

Take a break and explore other things.

This was when everything changed for me! I went to art galleries all around London and checked out different art forms (remember: your girl is a photographer), from paintings to architecture, fashion, different genres of photography, and nature. All of these came together to help me find what I truly loved and increase my curiosity. So, look at things outside the norm, for example, if you are a food blogger or chef. Can you watch a show like a chef’s table and see why each chef is so passionate? Can you go to art shows filled with colours and shapes, so you can understand how to merge food colours and photograph your food better? Just look outside the norm.

Surround yourself with love and positivity.

The word “love” comes in different forms: family, nature, or minor things like a coffee or a walk down the road. Whatever makes your heart swell and relax, that is love. For positivity, you have to start with yourself, and a positive mind will hopefully attract more of it to yourself. Also, avoid people who don’t make you feel like your best self or send doubts down your spine.

Stop overthinking

Overthinking is the killer of joy and creativity. What is that one thing you want to do? Could you do it? And if you find you don’t love it as much, toss it and try again, and when you do try, you’ll realise you are better at this because it is your second time now!

Listen to your inner voice.

That voice always whispers good ideas, telling us to get up and go! And then there’s that loud one telling us we are unworthy, not good enough, not talented enough! You must shut out those loud voices and even the physical external agents and listen to that inner voice. It is so peaceful. Listen to it.

Believe in yourself

The solution to this is to stop listening to others. At this phase, you don’t need a lot of opinions. You need yourself and your ideas!

I hope this has helped you in some way. Please get up and work for your Life. Start with one tiny step each day! I am rooting for you!!

I hope this was helpful to you. If you already have a direction, What other steps I might have omitted have you taken? Are those steps working for you? Please share below! 

Thank you for reading.xx

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